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Women-powered ideas

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Women You Should Fund is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform brought to you by Women You Should Know, a leading digital hub of women’s and girls’ empowerment.

After more than 5 years supporting and celebrating women, using the power of storytelling and story sharing to inspire a dynamic and evergrowing social community, we’ve expanded our mission. Women You Should Fund sets entrepreneurial ideas into motion by helping women and women-led teams make their products, projects, and business ventures a reality.

Now is the time to fuel the innovation of women entrepreneurs, to ignite the most direct form of investment, and to harness the power of our established, engaged community, which thrives on women and their allies supporting each other.

How We Work

Her brilliant idea
your direct support

= A Better World

Women You Should Fund is simple crowdfunding at its core, but this is the specific equation we bank on.

It’s no secret that women are an untapped and undervalued source of innovation and economic strength. We know the value of both in women and see the extraordinary things that happen when invention meets the mighty dollar.

Consider this…

“We know that about 38% of new businesses in this country are started by women but only between 2% and 6% of those founders receive VC funding,” Ethan Mollick, a professor of management at Wharton says. “There is a problem here, and ‘leaning in’ is not enough to solve it.”

Now consider this…

“Women control $20 trillion, or about 27% of the world’s wealth. In the U.S. alone, women exercise decision making over $11.2 trillion of investable assets,” writes Andrea Turner Moffitt, senior vice president at the Center for Talent Innovation and author of the book Harness the Power of the Purse. “Yet much of this wealth is surprisingly on the sidelines particularly as it pertains to closing the funding gap for women entrepreneurs.”

Women You Should Fund is the bridge that connects the power of women-led innovation and women-driven investment to usher in much needed change.

We’re in this… together. Let’s FUND her.

How We’re Different

There is power in our numbers

Win. Win.

Traditional crowdfunding is typically limited to the size and engagement of an individual campaign creator’s personal social network. And that’s because most crowdfunding platforms do not come with an already engaged, platform-loyal community. Backers are driven to a specific campaign by someone they know, not to a specific crowdfunding platform.

That’s where Women You Should Fund swoops in and disrupts the norm. Our platform can expand a campaign’s reach exponentially by getting it in front of our firmly established, robust Women You Should Know community. That means added campaign exposure before an evergrowing force of mission-loyal individuals who believe in the power of supporting women and their ideas to change the world.

Ultimately, your social network of potential backers gets that much bigger and success gets that much closer.

Why FUND Her

Big benefits

of flexing your financial muscle

Supporting women, directly, is more that just the singular act of contributing funds to a project that speaks to you. When you FUND her you are creating a powerful connection with a growing force of women doers, creators, innovators, change-makers and thought leaders. When you FUND her you are actively contributing to the health of a dynamic and diverse ecosystem of women entrepreneurs. When you FUND her you are seizing the opportunity to invest in women-powered ideas and ventures that can impact the world in big and small ways.

Women You Should Fund is brought to you by Women You Should Know