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Calendar Preview!

Here are a few previews of our 2018 United Women Firefighters calendar! It’s a pro-feminist, pro-diversity, inspirational calendar that even has a few workouts inside! It is full of photos of women firefighters, women firefighter candidates and facts about the United Women Firefighters and much more! Great gift for the holidays or for a special person in your life!

The calendars are available in various rewards packages for pledges $50 and up! Please let others who haven’t contributed yet about this awesome and unique reward! Please give it a share…we only have a few days left for our campaign to be a success! Let’s do this!


Lunch with Steve Buscemi

In 1980, Steve Buscemi became a NYC firefighter. He only worked for four years before he committed to a career of full time acting. Steve has graciously donated a lunch with him for anyone who can donate $2,500, which would effectively close the fundraising gap for us and help us reach our goal of $15,000!

The lunch will be held on 11/29/17 at the firehouse at Friends of Firefighters. Up to 4 lunch goers may attend.

Please watch and share the fundraising video we made with Steve! Help us spread the word for this amazing one of a kind reward!

Steve Buscemi supports women firefighters by asking you to pledge to our campaign now! From now until Friday…

Posted by Uwf Fdny on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Push-up video!

pushup Video

Hey all!

We are so close to our goal…only $4k more to go! We couldn’t do it without you so THANK YOU once again!

We are starting to make our pushup videos, which is available at the “Friend” level. The first one goes to Jordan Longever who recruited her entire family and then some to support our campaign! Thanks to the Longever and Salman family. We will have more videos to come, so stay tuned!

Do you know anyone else who would love to have one of these videos? Or maybe one of our other amazing rewards? Don’t forget to share our campaign over social media and your networks until Halloween so we can make our goal! Only $4k left…we can do this!

Thank you, milestones and help give a share!

Thank you to all of you who have contributed thus far to the campaign! We are heading towards the $10k mark, which is incredible, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

Thank you to those of you who participated in Brenda’s birthday challenge! We raised over $1k through that challenge yesterday alone and many more thousands through the supporters who pledged leading up to the big day! Thank you!

Here is a collage that we put together to celebrate the milestone of Brenda’s birthday and to celebrate our new graduates this week! 41 women entered fire academy in 1982…and 41 women have been hired since the FDNY hiring cycle started in 2013! The stars have really aligned for us with the number 41…right on the heels of our 35th anniversary and also around Brenda’s birthday! And on Brenda’s 66th birthday, we have 67 women firefighters serving New York City!

Thank you again for the support…it really makes a difference. Let’s keep going with this momentum! Weekends are usually slumps for our fundraising efforts for some reason. But we think there’s something that can be done to help that. Can every person on this list share our campaign link over your social media, email contacts, chat groups, over text and/or any other ways this weekend? If you can help us do so, hopefully we can keep going and we can make our goal by Halloween! It’s really easy too…just go to any of our social media channels and hit share or retweet on any of a number of our posts about the campaign. Thanks so much! It’s an honor to see that there are over 150 people out there supporting and actively involved in our efforts!

Follow us on Facebook:

Twitter: @unitedwomenffs

Instagram: @unitedwomenfirefighters


Four new women firefighters!


Four new women graduated on October 18th, making our new total of women firefighters…67! A couple of interesting facts: all four of these women are MOMS, which is the first time we’ve ever had all our women grads be mothers! And this class is at the end of the FDNY hiring cycle that started in 2013. We hired 41 women since then, which is coincidentally the same number of women who first entered FDNY academy in 1982. How cool is that?

Tal’s Test Campaign – Update #3 : Step Off

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