By joanne

Happy Sunday! We have exciting updates!! First, WE LOVE OUR BACKERS!!! Now for the good news…

    1. Through the generosity of our backers we officially met our matching gift offer within only 4 days of announcing it!
    2. With 3 days left in the campaign, we’ve exceeded our funding goal!
    3. We have a limited new perk offer! We now have 10 signed copies of Leni Zumas’s just released novel RED CLOCKS which imagines life for American women after the passage of a federal personhood law. Our documentary sheds light on the dangerous trend of laws already in place that rob women of their constitutional rights and pave the way to this frightening future.

So why are we still working to raise funds if we met our goal?

Now that we know we can finish the film, we’re turning our attention to our outreach plan. We’ve already had over a dozen requests to screen the film and we can’t wait to bring it to communities around the country. The Outreach & Education Stretch Goal we introduced will help us do that. It will also allow us to create a 45 minute educational version  to screen in classrooms.

This is a great reason to ask a friend to make a pledge of support to PERSONHOOD!

Check out this review of RED CLOCKS from the Washington Post:


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