Day 1… ✔️

By Jennifer

I’m embarrassed to admit how long I’ve been working on this campaign. I was inspired by a series of 20-something women who sought out Vertical Method on Classpass because they received a diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome from repetitive movements attributed to their computer based jobs. The treatments offered these women were consistent and not ideal. In the surgical option, part of the pec muscle is cut to release the neck and shoulders, leaving the cut-away muscle, that was used to control breathing, to atrophy and die. In the treatment option, muscles in the neck and shoulder area are injected with botox. Clients with botox treatments are unable to balance, activate stabilizing corset muscles or lift a weight of 2lbs. Vertical Method gets in front of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome before it happens. Smart fitness is PREhab.

My SF boutique is on the frontline of the sitting epidemic where youth is not a pass to ignoring the obvious. Between running the brick and mortar, commuting, studying and developing new material and training staff, this campaign was pushed to the back burner where everything gets cold. But these young women inspired me. By reaching our goal in 46 days we can start shooting video in January. Thank you for your support!

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