Failure is required to innovate.

By Jennifer

Innovation requires failure. Five years and 6000 clients later Vertical Method has cracked the code to fusing posture and total-body fitness through extensive trial and failure. Today, we have a system that works, based on the principle that group exercise should provide more than just a good sweat because skillfully taught workouts are an untapped power. The business model of boutique fitness requires quantity over quality in both hiring of talent and customer growth. I set out to reverse that model because I believe fitness can do better.

It’s my experience that the fitness industry has misunderstood athletic posture and in doing so created studio concepts that inflame modern postural dysfunction. In SF I’m on the frontline of a tech posture epidemic in a fit population. Some of SF’s most popular studio workouts compound tech posture and fast track Tech Posture Atrophy.

Vertical Method is proactive fitness designed for the athletic or professionally minded. Tech-neck, slouching, thoracic outlet syndrome, glute amnesia, sitting epidemic can all be remedied IF fitness stays in front of it with innovation. That’s the problem. Fitness franchises and corporate models are saturated with unskilled labor and dependent on steady branding, making them too big to innovate and forbidden to fail.

That’s why I’m creating Vertical Method’s professional training videos so fitness pros can study Vertical Method principles and exercises. The first videos we shoot are designed to train future Vertical Method teachers in the theory and practice of mastering the classes. If we reach our campaign goal then we’ll create the client subscription program as well without interrupting the SF studio. If we don’t reach our goal then we’ll close Vertical Method for a few weeks in February to focus exclusively on shooting the professional training program and creating the app.

Posture is the future of fitness and Vertical Method is the solution. Thank you for being a part of this journey!

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