PERSONHOOD Doc Featured in Women and Hollywood Article

By joanne

Our super exciting news this week:  Our film is one of five crowdfunding projects featured in a Women and Hollywood article about films that offer unique perspectives on standing up for truth. We are thrilled our project was chosen for the piece! Here’s some of what they had to say about PERSONHOOD Doc:

“Personhood” examines what happens when women’s truths and needs are ignored…In these politically charged times “Personhood” shows that a “Handmaid’s Tale”-esque society isn’t as far in the dystopian future as one would like to think.”

You can read the full article written by Beandrea July by clicking on the image below:

We only have 16 days to go! Our campaign is an all or nothing campaign, like Kickstarter. This means we won’t receive any funds unless we reach $43,000 by our deadline. If you haven’t become a PERSONHOOD Backer yet, we’re asking you to join us! Stand with us as we bring this important issue into the mainstream. We hope you’ll help spread the word about our PERSONHOOD crowdfunder. This is the key to crowdfunding success and our ticket to the big screen!




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