Push-up video!

By Sarinya

pushup Video

Hey all!

We are so close to our goal…only $4k more to go! We couldn’t do it without you so THANK YOU once again!

We are starting to make our pushup videos, which is available at the “Friend” level. The first one goes to Jordan Longever who recruited her entire family and then some to support our campaign! Thanks to the Longever and Salman family. We will have more videos to come, so stay tuned!

Do you know anyone else who would love to have one of these videos? Or maybe one of our other amazing rewards? Don’t forget to share our campaign over social media and your networks until Halloween so we can make our goal! Only $4k left…we can do this! https://www.womenyoushouldfund.com/projects/ignite-the-next-generation-of-women-firefighters/

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