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Bring Harriet Home

Together, we can rescue a newly discovered photo of Harriet Tubman from the auction block.

  • 128.49% Funded
  • $32,121.66 Funded
  • Ended On 04/06/2017

Wearable Wordplay

A TICK bite and LYME disease, inspired Cheryl Laughlin to create Bits Of Love jewelry, which celebrates the power of words as little kicks of inspiration.

  • 112.35% Funded
  • $16,853.00 Funded
  • Ended On 03/05/2017

Break The Bronze Ceiling

Please help Monumental Women break the bronze ceiling in New York City's Central Park.

  • 126.73% Funded
  • $19,010.00 Funded
  • Ended On 03/01/2017

One Card = One Sandwich

Food for Thoughts Cards is a greeting card company that’s all about giving back.

  • 107.08% Funded
  • $1,285.00 Funded
  • Ended On 02/14/2017
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