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Monumental Change Is Coming

There are 23 statues of historical figures in Central Park, but not one honors a woman. Together, we can change that.

After years of work, we've won approval to build a statue commemorating America’s women suffragists in New York City’s Central Park. Now we have to raise funds to commission and maintain that statue.

We need your help to move New York City one step closer to women’s equality and equal representation.

The Origin Of #MonumentalWomen

#MonumentalWomen is a campaign of The Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Statue Fund, Inc. (the Statue Fund), which is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to placing the first statue honoring women’s history in New York City’s Central Park.

While the Park includes statues of Mother Goose, Alice in Wonderland, Juliet (with her Romeo), and numerous representations of the female form (like angels, nymphs, and allegorical figures), the real women who helped build this city, state, and nation were nowhere to be found—until now. This monument will honor those responsible for the largest non-violent revolution in American history: the battle for votes for women.

The Monumental Women Statue

We are currently in the process of commissioning and endowing the monument, which will honor Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and other pioneers in the battle for women’s right to vote and the larger movement for women’s rights.

The Statue's Strategic Location

With support from the New York City Parks Department and the Central Park Conservancy, we have secured the site for this monument immediately south of the West 77th Street entrance to Central Park. The statue’s strategic location—across from the New-York Historical Society and near the American Museum of Natural History—will ensure that many of Central Park’s 40 million annual visitors become more aware of women’s contributions to our shared history.


The New York City Parks Department has approved this project. However, NYC's government will not be paying for this statue; we will. The Statue Fund has only been granted "the right to donate a work of art to the City of New York." Everything else is up to us.

It's time for women to have a place in Central Park and a voice in history. Join our campaign by helping us raise the $1.5 million needed to commission, install, and maintain the statue. Together, we can bring monumental women to Central Park for the first time.


We are so incredibly excited and proud to announce that a $500,000 Challenge Grant had been awarded to The Statue Fund by New York Life to help create the first statue of real women in the 163-year history of New York City's Central Park!

Project FAQ

Who's designing the sculpture?

Later this year, we'll release a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) inviting professional sculptors who are interested in being considered for the project to apply. Subscribe now to our mailing list to receive the RFQ as soon as it's published. Please note that The Statue Fund must also receive approval from the New York City Public Design Commission.

Who's eligible to apply to the sculpture RFQ?

Professional sculptors over the age of 18 who are interested in creating a figurative work and contemporary interpretation of the woman suffrage movement may submit their qualifications when our RFQ is released. Qualified applicants will then receive a Request for Proposal (RFP). After a rigorous evaluation process, our panel of judges will select and commission one artist and/or team to design and build the statue.

What happens with the winning submission?

The winning submission will:

  • Create a tribute to Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and other women who helped advance women’s voting rights and equal treatment under the law
  • Integrate the monument design within the existing Central Park landscape
  • Make reference in the artwork to others, besides Stanton and Anthony, who helped advance the cause of Woman Suffrage
  • Consider the historical relationship of Stanton and Anthony with those honored in surrounding statues: Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Theodore Roosevelt
  • Consider space for educational, contemplative, and commemorative events related to the statue and the history it reflects
  • Engage the public, enabling them to connect with the ideals that the statue represents
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