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The Mission

We believe in the power of civil discourse, we believe in facts, and we believe in holding our politicians accountable for their words and their actions. We want to start authentic and meaningful conversations with political candidates around the country and provide a platform for electoral information that is difficult to find online. We are creating nonpartisan, accessible video content that holds politicians’ feet to the fire and seeks the truth. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

By helping us make the second season of Candidates & Coffee a reality, you will play a critical role in increasing voting engagement and democratic participation among young people. We are crowdfunding because we believe this project needs to be by the people for the people. With your generous pledges, you will help us travel Colorado Congressional District 6, Arizona Congressional District 2, and New York Congressional District 19, 3 of the most contentious districts in the 2018 midterm elections, with a low median age -- so if Millennials show up to vote, they'll have a massive impact.

We want to engage the younger, video content-consuming generation with hopes of increasing voter turnout. The advantage of video content is its ability to reach an audience that may not be informed about how local government works and why it’s important.

So, What is Candidates & Coffee?

Candidates & Coffee is a nonpartisan, intimate video interview series of political candidates running for state or local office. These casual sit-downs with our hosts, Sara and Campbell - over a cup of coffee on a stoop in their city, or on a walk through their local park, etc. - strive to break down any political persona or any purported party allegiance so that young voters can get to know the candidates as people to help them decide if they like how they are being represented locally and nationally. We ask basic questions about the purview of the office they hold or are running for, the politician’s policy positions, and how they seek to improve the lives of their constituents. We believe when people see a more personal side of the candidates, they will not only have a better understanding of local government but will also be more inclined to vote in the upcoming November election. Local politics is where tangible change is made, and it is now more important than ever to ensure that eligible voters are exercising their right to participate in the democratic process. Our interviews screen online (specifically Facebook, Twitter Instagram/IGTV, Youtube), as the majority of young people utilizes these on a daily, even hourly, basis.

Our first season of Candidates & Coffee premiered on Facebook this past October before the mayoral election in New York City. We were able to reach over 30,000 people and accrue 12,000 views organically on our Facebook page and Youtube channel.

In addition to the digital series, we will be partnering with colleges, universities, and local businesses to throw community events where the videos will be screened, more voting information will be distributed, and where we will facilitate discussions about local issues.

How Your Pledges Will Be Used

Your generous donations will help us shoot 42 interviews (we're ambitious) as well as an interview with a well known politician on the importance of Millennial voting (we can't wait to share!) and 3 graphic-focused videos detailing how each of our three districts and their state governments are structured and function. More details on how we will use the money we raise below:

  •  Travel to Colorado, Arizona and Upstate New York from NYC
  •  Lodging in Arizona and Upstate New York
  •  Production Fees (Post Production Supervisor, Director, Sound Mixer, Sound Designer, Editors, Equipment Rentals, Meals for Crew)
  •  Social Media Manager
  •  Graphic Designer
  •  Composer
  •  Trademark Fees
  •  Co-Hosting Events with Local Businesses in the districts – Electoral Pamphlet Printing
  •  Salaries for Sara & Campbell through the midterm elections

What Makes Us Unique 

  • We have a nonpartisan mission in a hyper partisan political climate.
  • By Millennials for Millennials.
  • We reach our demographic via accessible, aesthetically appealing, concise and shareable video content.
  • We determine the local candidates we interview based on their district’s proximity to colleges and universities.
  • We intend on establishing an inclusive and diverse team of interviewers, production crew and research aids.
  • In addition to distributing our videos online, we screen them at community events, where we distribute additional election information, and facilitate discussion about local political issues.

Want to Learn More? 

Feel like you want some more detailed info about our project, or just want to get in touch with us for chatting purposes or a chill hang out time?

Email us at:

We can send you our official pitch document, discuss more in depth how this project began, or even have some political debates! We would love to hear from you.

**Disclaimer: Candidates & Coffee is a purely educational endeavor. We contact every candidate from each district we visit. No video is promoted over another -- in fact, we do not pay to promote videos at all. Interviews are always free for candidates and cannot be considered "in kind" donations to any candidate's campaign.


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  3. We’re in Colorado and we are SO GRATEFUL TO YOU! [09/20/2018] [Edited: 10/12/2018]
  4. We’re over a third of the way there!! [09/14/2018] [Edited: 10/12/2018]

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Project FAQ

Who are you people and why should we trust you?

Well friend, we are Sara Kubida and Campbell Dunsmore. We are New York based artists who, in seeking to bridge our mutual interests in art and politics, decided to combine them to mobilize change. Both heavily engaged in national politics, neither of us considered the importance of local politics until the most recent presidential election. Since then, we've have taken extensive measures to educate ourselves and others about the importance of state and local politics and the tangible changes that can be made for local communities by local communities. 

Sara is an award-winning actor & filmmaker known for her drive as an artist to create positive change. She is a classically trained actress and studied Political Sociology at the University of California Berkeley. As an activist she organized events after the 2016 election, bringing women together while raising money and awareness for local women’s issues. She founded Fifth Daughter Media, a haven for the wild woman, that celebrates creativity, collaboration, challenges audiences and empowers women. Her next short film, Carefree, AZ is in pre-production to shoot in February '19. Website

Campbell is screenwriter, actor, and advocate who has worked on projects ranging from education accessibility in Tanzania, to eating disorder awareness across the United States.  Most recently, she has been working on politically relevant video projects ranging from local political issues to international relations, hoping to inform the millennial community about complicated happenings in their cities, the world, and everything in-between. She also currently has two politically charged screenplays in development.  

How did you determine the districts you'll be going to?

We selected 3 of the most contentious Congressional Districts in the upcoming 2018 midterms. A Circle Research poll found that within these districts Millennial's votes will have the greatest impact, regardless of party affiliation, due to low median age within the district. We selected the other State Senate, State Representative and Assembly members based on their proximity to colleges and universities within the Congressional District.

Will you come to my district?

We would LOVE to go to as many districts as possible -- our future plan is to expand to even more districts across the country, and your donation will help us eventually get to yours! We would be happy to hear about why we should choose your district :)

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