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My name is Chela Hardy and I've created THE COOLEST workplace readiness program for teens...but I need YOUR help to get it into high schools around the country!

It's called the Workplace Prep Program for High Schools (formerly the Mock Office High School Program) and it's a unique in-classroom program that gives students a glimpse into what it's like to work in an office environment. The weeklong experience simulates the day-to-day activities of a bustling entertainment management firm with a fictitious roster of clients of various literary, acting, and musical talents. Over the course of five days, participants are delivered up to one hundred pop-culture related tasks through a virtual workspace portal set up like this:

I created WPPHS to complement existing Career & Technical Education (CTE) curriculum and further help teens make the connection between business class academics and the real world workplace. WPPHS also aligns closely with several "soft" workplace readiness skills identified as critical by employers--skills that teens need help developing now in preparation for their future.

I'd like to pilot-test WPPHS this school year and the beginning of next school year in ten classrooms around the country so that I can gather feedback and make any tweaks to the program before an anticipated 2019 launch. The money that I am trying to raise here on Women You Should Fund will cover the time spent by me and my team in prepping the portal for each classroom, loading tasks daily for the participants, interacting with the teacher and students within the workspace throughout the week, reviewing their deliverables, and providing customized follow-up assessments at the close of the experience. Whew! It sounds like a lot of work...because, well, it is!

To create a buzz and to give people a preview of the in-classroom program, I've created a self-paced ten-task online "sampler" of the types of tasks that appear in the program, and I've packaged it into a FREE course called What's It Like to Work in An Office? I invite you to stop by and check it out at https://workplaceprepforteens.teachable.com/. I think you'll find the tasks fun, practical, challenging and appealing to teens.Teens are the future of our world: our future business owners, lawmakers, decision-makers, legislators, et cetera. It's no exaggeration to say that their futures directly and indirectly impact our futures. If we work together, we can empower them to be productive members of society later by getting them ready now. I believe I have a very special program here that will contribute to that effort, and I'm passionate about seeing it make its way into the school systems. But I do need your help. I can't launch the pilot test without your support, so please consider backing my campaign.

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Project FAQ

If you do get this program up and running after the pilot test, what will be the cost to high schools? 

I want WPPHS to be FREE to high schools around the country! No school that wants to participate should be turned down due to lack of funds. Keeping the program free is a start to leveling the playing field. But in order for the program to be free, I'll need the help of Corporate America. Ideally, some major company (my dream company would be Oath) would take the program under its wings, co-brand it and hire me to administer it on a full-time basis!

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