Illustrated Women In Science Comic Series

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Illustrated Women of Science series is a spectacular comic that captures the lives of phenomenal historical and current women of science through a frothy combination of snarky comic strips and short but scientifically hefty biographies.


Thrill to the jungle-crawling entomology of Maria Merian, cheer at the multi-dimensional mathematics of Maryam Mirzakhani, weep at the tragic end of Sofia Kovalevskaya, and gasp at the universe-cracking insights of Emmy Noether! This first edition book will feature 26 of Women In Science cartoons and essays in one handy volume. With luscious full color interiors and a lovely introduction by Jocelyn Oudesluys, the Illustrated Women in Science is the perfect book for that aspiring scientist / historical comic enthusiast / partial derivative fanatic in your life!


I was starting my first year as a high school teacher and noticed that, for all the progress that had been made in bringing the achievements of women scientists to light, my girls still had trouble seeing themselves as scientists.

When I was a kid, I never had that kind of problem.  I xeroxed pictures of my scientific heroes from encyclopedias, blew them up, and pasted them over my wall so that, every time I felt doubt about what I was doing and where I was going, I could look up and see Newton or Feynman or Bohr and feel that little jolt of inspiration that keeps a student going through the end of the next problem set.  But my girl students didn't seem to have that - there were books about women scientists out there, but good luck finding them at a local library.  I wanted to do something about that situation, to produce something that would show my students how every field of science had all manner of women doing brilliant work, that no matter what you wanted to study, there was somebody there to look up to and take inspiration from during the long, dark hours of organic chemistry and differential equations.


The Women in Science series is my attempt to demonstrate an abundance of potential heroes.  I aim to combine a deep enough explanation of the science to whet the appetites of the more than casually curious, with life stories that are cautionary and inspiring in equal measure and, because life isn't complete without comics, three panels that present some aspect of each person's life or work.

This series began in 2013 covering everything from Madeline Girard's vibrating spiders to Harriet Brooks's transmuting elements to Gerty Cori's sneaky pyruvate molecules.

Here are a couple of examples of what you can expect to see:


Monies raised will go towards the completion of the illustrations, editing, graphic design, copyediting, publishing, printing and shipping.


December 2016 - Women You Should Fund Campaign

January 2017 – April 2017-  Production and quality check

May 2017 - Shipping


Woohoo!! We're on the board with our first donation. Thank you!

Project FAQ

About Me

Dale DeBakcsy is the writer and artist of the Women In Science and Cartoon History of Humanism columns, and has, since 2007, co-written the webcomic Frederick the Great: A Most Lamentable Comedy with Geoffrey Schaeffer. He is also a regular contributor to The Freethinker, Philosophy Now, Free Inquiry, and Skeptical Inquirer. He studied intellectual history at Stanford and UC Berkeley before becoming a teacher of mathematics and drawer of historical frippery.

What happens if the financial goal is exceeded?

If I should be so lucky to exceed my request, I will print more books for purchase. If contributions waaayyy exceed my expectations, I will start working on Volume 2!

How are the Illustrated Women in Science selected?

I started building up a collection of female scientist biographies, and not just the expected ones, but those whose memory was “slowly fading from the public consciousness”, and created the series from there.

Are Women in Science recommendations accepted?

YES! If you know somebody doing work in science right now that deserves a bit of spotlight, just drop me a note and I'll add them to the list.  Some of my best stories have come from reader recommendations, so don't be shy!

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