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Technology & Fitness

Technology moves faster than fitness and it has left a wake of unintentional consequences. While the fitness industry brings technology into exercise through sensors and apps, Vertical Method in San Francisco brings laser-focused exercise into the tech industry. Our breakthrough results after 5 years of R&D on the largest tech community in the U.S. cracks the code to reversing tech-neck, gluteal amnesia, slouching and forward head from tech user lifestyles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way America thinks about exercise by fusing posture fitness into full-body workouts to strengthen natural human architecture against the growing impact of technology use. Standing on the shoulders of our boutique innovation we're creating an on-demand video platform so you can get vertical at home because your time is valuable and your workout should produce more than just a good sweat.

We Need Your Help

We're raising money to launch Phase 1 of our full service video platform by Spring 2019 with (1) streaming videos of Vertical Method's 4 classes and modifications to accommodate 3 levels of athleticism and equipment, (2) bimonthly exercise variations, (3) our highly requested travel routines for clients on the move, (4) new No Equipment Necessary program, (5) professional programing and equipment for personal trainers and licensees, (6) the latest program developments for Workplace Wellness (7) new e-book Order of Activation: make every workout a posture workout by VM creator Jennifer Davis.

Our Phase 1 goal of $27,667 includes:

  • Phase 1 video production of classes, variations and modifications.
  • Two videographers, light, sound, space rental and finished editing.
  • Pay Vertical Method teachers & participants.
  • Build Phase 1 e-commerce video platform.
  • Crowd-funding fees from a successful campaign and Vertical T-shirt design, production, shipping.

How Does Vertical Method Work?

Vertical Method goes beyond posture correction by creating Vertical Posture, a high performance level of postural strength and joint mobility known mostly to professional dancers and competitive athletes, until now. Vertical Posture consists of deep inner corset muscles working to upload hips through core suspension: a standing coordinated effort between hip/ab/lat stabilizers to vertically support the shoulder girdle, head and neck against downward forces. Vertical Method rebuilds proprioception – the body’s natural ability to mobilize muscle groups as a united front against imbalance and joint injury. Our 4 class program creates athletic alignment in a full-body workout. It's a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem. San Francisco's army of tech employees and urban athletes have made Vertical Method a boutique success. See our amazing client reviews on Classpass. SFChronicle says: "Imagine a tough ballerina coaching Navy SEALs in a modern art gallery."

What is Tech Posture Atrophy?

We coined the phrase Tech Posture Atrophy (TPA) to highlight our findings. TPA is muscular atrophy associated with postural dysfunction prominent and consistent in otherwise fit and healthy individuals working at computer based desk jobs. Fear of the “sitting epidemic” has moved tech workers away from ergonomically designed work stations and onto laptops in an open office environment. The assumed wellness advantages to workers moving from hot desk, to beanbag, to sofa is not what it seems. Mobile office freedom doesn’t equal a healthier workplace. Our finding show that fit millennial tech worker who spends 6+ hours at a mobile workplace and then exercise in 'front body focused' workouts like spin, yoga or megaformer will unintentionally fast track TPA. Front body muscles become dominate from laptop hovering combined with gluteal amnesia from extended sitting. Popular workouts over-train dominate muscle groups creating more harm than good. As TPA progresses in the young and fit it further isolates and weakens standing posture musculature impacting proprioception. Barrages of in-office and at-your-desk gizmos, apps and devices promising posture correction have flooded the market but they fail to eliminate TPA. Posture is the #1 reason for missed work days after the common cold. Hormone levels associated with confidence and productivity are negatively impacted by TPA. Vertical Posture in the workplace can raise hormone levels that increase confidence and decrease hormone levels associated with stress. Posture gizmos encourage negative workplace concepts, for example, like working is bad for your health or that basic human architecture cannot co-exist in a modern workplace without a physical crutch. None of that is true. High performance posture is a blind spot in the fitness industry and Vertical Method is the solution.


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Project FAQ

Do I need equipment?

No. Vertical Method in San Francisco is a patent-pending Vertical Studio but our on-demand video platform offers multiple versions of each class:

  • no equipment necessary
  • travel friendly routines
  • basic equipment (hand weights, ball, bands, suspension trainer)
  • optional at home VertiBAR System (Phase 2)
  • in studio VertiBAR System (Phase 2)

How do I order my T-shirt preferences?

Please provide your style, color and size preferences in the comments section.

When do I get my T-shirt?

If the campaign is successful then we'll send your T-shirt in January 2019 when the campaign has ended. We'll use your billing address provided Women You Should Fund and we'll contact you via the email you've provided Women You Should Fund.

When can I access the video platform?

If the campaign is successful then we'll email your access code via the email you've provided Women You Should Fund. If the campaign is successful then we project our new site will be available in Spring 2019. We'll contact you when the video platform is completed. You'll have access for the date of your first log-in.

Can I take a class at Vertical Method in San Francisco?

Yes. Please visit our website at to register for a class.

Can I get Vertical Method at my studio?

Yes. Our first licensee is Body Dynamics in Boulder CO. Since 2015 they've created an exciting additional revenue stream by installing the Vertical Method Posture Studio. At a similar price point to the TRX strap, our Posture Fitness innovation is smart and cost effective fitness equipment.

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