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Keep in Mind  is an upcoming documentary that chronicles the lives of 5 adolescents of color living with mental illness.

It was conceived from the absence of cinema which portrayed neuroatypicals in a positive light. I have come across amazing documentaries and short films but never one with a concept like Keep in Mind. Few nonfiction films exist, which display what living with mental illness is like. I want to document stories that do not strip away from the integrity of the human soul.

No profit is made from this film. The film is funded by non-profit organizations such as The Pollination Project and crowdfunding donations. I have already received $1000 to start my project but I am in need of additional money to produce my film.

Director / Producer / Editor

TINA TIEU / BIO: I'm a 16 year old Asian-American queer intersectional feminist. I have dealt with Major Depressive Disorder since I was 13. Due to the stigma surrounding mental health, the road to recovery has not been easy. My experience living with mental illness has made me a proud advocate of the mental health community.

I have faced many obstacles in producing this film, from seeking funding to casting people willing to be vulnerable about what they have endured. These were the times I've wanted to give up. Being rejected and having the door slammed in my face, time after time, makes quitting the logical choice. Give up now to save myself the energy of trying, only to amount to failure, I thought. However, with every challenge I've encountered, I refuse to abandon this film. This project as a whole, has helped me find resilience. I used to be terrified of what my naivety and passion got me into, trying to tackle something so big and worthy of attention. Now, I embrace those aspects of myself, putting all my effort into creating Keep in Mind. I never once doubted my ability to create something beautiful. Everything I used to fear is now everything I am proud of, for the talent and lessons I have come to have.

I am currently in the Production stage of my film. However, I am in need of more funds to complete this film. Below, is a specific breakdown of what your donation will be funding. Technology is about half of my budget as lenses, equipment, a Thunderbolt, and camera are essential. Travel expenses is the second cost component. I plan to travel to various cities across California and Texas to film my cast.

Before the film's release I would like to get the film's website up and running. The website will not only serve as my film's official website but also as a blog and resource.

The website will have a healthcare resource page in which there will be a list of mental health centers and services across the U.S. When I first sought help, I wish I knew of the abundance of therapy clinics and community centers that offered services. There are great organizations out there helping the mentally ill, but not everybody knows of their existence.

The movie will be released on Youtube on April 28, 2018. I plan to submit the film to film festivals across the nation but I also want to host community screenings around the country as well. Free public screenings are important because it is a way of educating people and offering those struggling with mental illness, hope. Access to the internet or money should not get in the way of that.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for your support, even if your support is simply appreciating this project. Not everyone is able to pledge money and that's okay! A simple share or like really helps me out. Thank you to those of you that have donated. I love the idea of society and creators making art funded by the people for the people. Everyone that has supported this project has given me so much hope for not only myself but everyone involved in this film's creation. I love and appreciate you so so much!


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