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I am opening a yoga studio in Inglewood which will be the mindfulness hub for the city, and will be the first even energy exchange yoga studio in the industry.

This idea sparked after I pursued my passion project of becoming a yoga teacher. I found that the road to sharing my beloved craft was much rougher than expected; for the industry does an astounding job at keeping the barriers for entry high, and the rewards of victory low.

My experience along with the years that followed has reared me to Playroom - my purpose project. She will be the mindfulness hub of a city that is developmentally thriving, but without a yoga studio. And she will change the game by being an authentic resource to both student and teacher.

This is my invitation for you to join me on this revolutionary hike. To be honest, I need your support. I’ve tried to do it on my own before, and learned that I need my tribe.

To bring Playroom and all of its benefits to life, I need the support of the entire yoga, mindfulness, and Inglewood communities. Please pledge today in exchange for one of the thoughtful rewards listed on this page. Any amount is perfect, needed, and appreciated. Together, we can bring this blessing to the community.

To open Playroom, I need to raise $25k. Here’s how the numbers break down...

3 Reasons Why Playroom is More the Just Your Average Yoga Studio

Playroom is the first even-energy exchange yoga studio. The energy exchange for yoga teachers at any known yoga studio is wildly and surprisingly very uneven. Playroom is introducing a new business model to the industry. Playroom will be a shared space similar to barber shops and coworking spaces, where the teacher will rent space for their class and reap all the profit from it. This empowers and motivates the teacher to build their classes in both content and headcount. Teachers can share what they are crazy passionate about, and have the opportunity to actually earn their value from their group classes.

Playroom will be a center for teacher development. Resources will be available for teachers to better themselves, their classes, and their business skills (i.e. business coaching, class planning, workshops, and teacher circles). This is not offered at any known studio. Playroom’s growth strategy is centered on this idea of building up the teachers. At Playroom, it is understood that the teacher creates the experience that retains students and keeps the community thriving. Therefore, Playroom will equip teachers with the knowledge and support to do just that.

Playroom will be the mindfulness hub in Inglewood, CA. There’s many exciting developments within the city including a multi-billion dollar NFL stadium, a new Metro rail line, and profuse real estate investment. With the added hustle & bustle, Playroom will offer an appreciated safe haven being the first physical space in the community committed to spreading mindfulness tools throughout the community. In addition to yoga, Playroom will offer mindfulness practices to provide many avenues to develop a practice (i.e. meditation, sound baths, women’s circles, astrology mapping, crystal healings, jewelry making, mindful dance, etc.) *Actual class schedule depends on teacher offerings.

The target student has heard a lot about meditation and yoga online, and perhaps has even taken classes before; but wants to explore their mindfulness practice further, and looking for a place where they feel like they belong. This is home, this is your tribe. Playroom aims to be home to all. All students will see themselves reflected in the teacher, fellow students, and surrounding community.

The target teacher is creative, always looking for new ways to combine their mindfulness practice and knowledge with their other interests. This teacher also has a business mindset and is willing to learn more. They love what they do and want to have the opportunity to make a living sharing what they love. The ideal teacher for the Playroom business model either (1) has a large following and ready to earn their value from that, or (2) teaches a niche that is not offered at most studios. If you are interested in teaching at Playroom, click here for the full dets on pricing and benefits. And be sure to get in on the Yoga Teacher Exclusive reward.

After a successful campaign, we will be ready to open doors in the new year. Get your New Year’s intentions ready! Want to deepen your practice or be more connected to community in 2019? Playroom will support you. Here’s an overview of what’s to come...

Once PlayroomLA is running smoothly, I will bring this studio model to other cities where there is a need. Perhaps you’ll see a Playroom pop up in your city. If this is something you want to have next door, let it be known on the socials and tag @Playroom.LA so I know it’s real. And don’t forget to pledge here so this idea can take off. Where should Playroom go next? That part is up to you.

So you've backed the campaign, and really want to see Playroom succeed... I can definitely use your help! I need ambassadors to spread the word and connectors to aim the spotlight.

Dear Ambassador, Please share this campaign on your socials by clicking the share buttons at the top of this page and tell your friends why you want Playroom. I also have plenty of posters and flyers for those living beyond the virtual me at and I’ll be sure to get you some to hang around your hood and pass out at events you may be attending.

Dear ConnectorYou know someone (in radio, media, event production, city council, etc.) that can put Playroom on the map. Email me at and let’s shine a spotlight on Playroom.

Follow the movement on Facebook and Instagram @Playroom.LA

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