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Some of the most popular magazines today are fashion magazines aimed towards a female audience. While they certainly play an important role in society, serving as a critical source of inspiration for young women, these magazines focus primarily on fashion and pop culture.  What about the girls who have a passion for Science, Math, Engineering, or Technology (STEM)?  Those young women aren’t going to find their role models amongst the pages of a fashion magazine.  Now, you may be thinking: "What about Popular Science?"  While the content there may be closer to our interests, STEM fields are still predominantly recognized as "a man’s job," and this is reflected in traditional tech magazines.

We need your help to change that.

Reinvented Magazine, founded by Caeley Looney and Danniell Hu, is a magazine written for women in STEM, by women in STEM. One day our founders realized that as they grew up and discovered their passion for STEM, they were reading less and less of the pages of their favorite magazines.  They didn’t care about which celebrity had the hottest style or who kissed who this week.  Instead, they wanted more engaging content that covered STEM topics and featured their female role models.

Naturally, they mentioned the idea in the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Facebook group (a group of girls from all around the nation all pursuing careers in STEM) and the response was tremendous.  It quickly became obvious that there was a need for this kind of product in the world, so our founders got to work.  Since its creation, the Reinvented team has since expanded to include girls from all corners of the country, collaborating to make this project a reality. Our team is comprised of girls ranging from high school to professionals who all share the same mission.

Our mission is to reinvent the general perception of women in STEM fields while inspiring interest in STEM for young women nationwide.

Through sharing stories and experiences of groundbreaking ladies in the field to reporting the latest news in science and technology, we hope to pave the way for future generations of women to become leading pioneers of STEM.  The general notion of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as being predominantly masculine fields is something that has needed to change for a long time now, but there's really only one way to truly change something - and that's to reinvent it.

Our mission is to produce a product that “reinvents” the general perception of women in STEM fields while also inspiring interest in STEM for women nationwide. We will accomplish this by sharing the diverse stories and experiences of ladies in the field, reporting the latest news in science and technology, and showcasing exclusive interviews with influential women in STEM.  We hope to pave the way for future generations of women to become leading pioneers of STEM.

Did you know that women only make up 29% of the science and engineering workforce?

While women make up about half of the U.S. college-educated workforce, they only make up about 29% of the science and engineering workforce [National Girls Collaborative Project, Source].  Let's review some of the facts:

K-12 Education:

"Male students were more likely than female students to take engineering (3% versus 1%) and computer science courses (7% versus 4%) and enrolled in AP Computer Science A at a much higher rate (81% males; 19% females)."

Higher Education

In 2012, studies found that women only received 17.9% of all bachelors degrees awarded in computer sciences, 19.3% of all bachelors degrees awarded in engineering, 39% of all bachelors degrees awarded in physical sciences, and 41% of all bachelors degrees awarded in mathematics.

STEM Workforce

Studies have shown that a staggering 15% of engineering and 25% of computer/ mathematical science roles in the United States are filled by women.  When we break it down by occupation even further, the results showed that some roles are struggling more than others to bridge the gender gap:

This problem follows girls from their early learning phases in high school through to the time they start their first full-time job.  Young girls need role models to serve as shining beacons of hope for them as they fight their way male-dominated classes, and slowly but surely, these numbers will rise.

One of our most important objectives is to create a product that is easily accessible because every girl deserves to have access to a magazine that shows engagement in STEM. This is why we are choosing to create a print version of the magazine in addition to our online blog: to give access to girls who may not have consistent access to the internet. The One-for-One Program allows us to donate one magazine to girls in low income or rural areas for every one magazine bought.

We are partnering with some great women in STEM organizations to help bring this magazine to life! Wogrammer  will be contributing exclusive content for our Women in STEM section, Beauty & the Bolt  will be contributing to our DIY section, and Holdette  will be featured in our first issue's fashion section!

Our magazine will feature seven (7) unique sections:

  • Diversity & Inclusion: highlights diversity and inclusion efforts focused on increasing the number of women in STEM
  • Women in STEM: showcases the stories of everyday change-makers and historical figures who have made positive impacts on our community and contributed to the future of STEM fields
  • STEM Topics: features the latest and greatest news in STEM
  • Fashion: we never said we didn’t care about fashion at all, but we care much more about nerdy or practical attire (like pants with pockets!)
  • DIY: teaches our readers how to do fun STEM projects at home
  • Opportunities Board: raises awareness for local and nationwide STEM programs for girls
  • Advice Column: encourages our readers to not be afraid to ask the tough questions and get some answers from another incredible and inspiring woman in STEM, Gloria Kimbwala

We won’t just stop there! We’d like to feature one role model for women in STEM each issue. For our first issue, we will be featuring Megan Smith (!!), who will tell us her story and hold an interview with our team.  Megan Smith was the 3rd Chief Technology Officer of the United States (U.S. CTO) serving under President Barack Obama and is currently the CEO of shift7.

When you back our project, your funds will go towards printing costs as well as shipping and distribution costs not just for your magazine, but for the magazines donated through our One-for-One Program!  In addition to costs directly related to the publication of our first issue, the money raised from this campaign will enable us to expand our brand and bring our readers more exclusive and unique content.  With your support, we will be able to offset travel costs to and from interviews for our Staff Writers as well as give us the opportunity to bring our magazine and brand to women in STEM events across the nation!  Check out this breakdown of our budget below:

As you know, this crowdfunding campaign opened on June 8th and will end one month later on July 8th!  While this campaign is live our Staff Writers and Creative Team will be working hard conducting interviews, writing articles, and designing our first issue's layout!  On July 13th all of our articles will be drafted, reviewed, finalized, and ready to be fit into our layout!  Our team will open up magazine pre-sales on our website on July 15th and then on July 22nd we will be sending our first issue out for printing!  And then, drum roll please.... our first issue will SHIP ON AUGUST 1ST!  And our backers will be the 1st to get it!  (Yes, that means YOU!)

With your help, we’ll not only produce a print version of this magazine, but you’ll also fund access to this magazine in libraries, schools, and other places where the internet is not readily accessible. With your help, we will inspire the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and tech enthusiasts!


  1. Nearly at 25% Funded [06/23/2019]


  1. Isha

    I would like to apply to be a content writer for this magazine. I would like to volunteer and I can include stories that are catered towards women and knowing them personally. I have a lot of women in my life that have a fantastic story.
    Please let me know if you would be interested!

  2. Shannon

    Does the Ada Lovelace package include a physical copy of the magazine?

    • Reinvented Magazine

      Hi Shannon!

      Unfortunately, the Ada Lovelace package does not come with a physical copy of the magazine, but we did add a new ‘Digital Copy Only’ level for the same price that will include a digital copy of the first issue. The ‘Print Copy Only’ package for $25 is the first campaign level that offers a print copy of the magazine.

      Reinvented Magazine

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Project FAQ

What is Reinvented Magazine?

Reinvented Magazine is a magazine written by women in STEM for women in STEM.  It is the first of its kind and aims to showcase the inspiring work of empowering women in STEM fields while discussing relevant STEM news.

When will I get a copy of the magazine?

If the campaign is successful, our current goal is to start shipping magazines on August 1st. So depending on where you live in the U.S. you should receive your magazine within the first week in August.

Will you be providing updates on the magazine's progress throughout the summer?

Yes! We encourage you to follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and sign up on our website to receive our newsletters!

When will I receive my rewards package items if I didn't order a magazine?

Our rewards will begin shipping once the campaign is over, and is entirely determined by whether or not the campaign was successfully funded.

How do I notify you of my shirt size?

Please tell us your shirt size in the comments section when checking out.

Are you still looking for writers to help build the content of the magazine?

Yes!  We are a team of volunteers, so we are always actively seeking help not just with writing articles but with all of our teams, including our Creative, Marketing, and Finance Teams! Fill out a Contact Us Form on our website to get more information!

We run an organization with a similar mission, can we form a partnership?

Definitely!  Our partners are the people who best help make this magazine a success by spreading the word and showing their support!  If you think your organization would be a great fit to partner with us, send us an email at!

I'm from outside the U.S., will you still ship to me?

Due to high international shipping rates, our rewards packages the way they are listed on our campaign page can only be shipped within the U.S.  If you aren't located within the U.S. but would still like to donate and receive rewards, please email us at and we can try and work something out for you!

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