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Welcome Word Lovers and Inspired Doers,

Seems like words have this wonderful way of taking your hand and leading you toward possibilities. The right word can help snap you out of a funk, chase down those big dreams, even celebrate a bit of awesomeness… like bubbly champagne on the brain.

Powerful words can rally you to LOVE more, be BOLDHOPE for awesomeness and ROCK everything you do.

I’ve loved the power of words since kindergarten, when I was ecstatic instead of just happy. (Who wasn’t ecstatic with recess and snacks and recess again?!) Then I met Caleb, who loves tossing words about too.

But one day those beautiful words disappeared by the handfuls. Caleb and I couldn’t remember words as simple as backpack, and sometimes I couldn’t find my way home. Two tick bites and a Lyme disease diagnosis were to blame for two years of lost words.

And in that time, an idea formed. Why not share these powerful words… to inspire and nurture bits of love everywhere.

So each handcrafted ring – made in California with solid sterling silver and genuine gemstones  is infused with extra love. And then heads out on its journey to you in fun eco-friendly packaging.

Let each ring be your daily reminder  to kickstart your dreams into reality.

Rally your belief in the wild, wonderful story that only you can create.

And be sure to send us photos… we can’t wait see all the places you and your BITS OF LOVE rings go!

Wear with love,


Project FAQ

Why solid sterling silver for each BITS OF LOVE ring?
Solid sterling silver will stand up to being a well-loved ring with a little care along the way. Plus, with low-tarnish silver, simply wipe your ring with an all-cotton or polishing cloth to keep the shine going. Or let a bit of tarnish sneak in for a bit of rocker chic fun.

How do you choose the ring sizes?
As a growing company of handcrafted jewelry, we try to meet most people’s ring size needs and now offer all rings in sizes 6 to 10. Sizes 9 and 10 are priced $10 more for additional metal and reshaping. (The rings are made to easily size up or down two sizes if you’d like to size locally, for the smallest at a size 4 or largest at size 11. Reminder, if you resize or alter the ring, the ring is then nonreturnable.)

We keep as many sizes on hand, but depending on orders, your handcrafted ring may take a bit longer before setting out on its journey to you. Current demand can be about 2 to 3 weeks.

We hope the extra time and care – to hand caste, hand polish and hand set gems –will add even more sparkle to your ring upon its arrival.

How many rings should I stack?
We suggest only stacking two rings on a finger. And since finger size can flux through the day, be sure your rings are not too snug to cause any circulation issues. We want you to enjoy the rings comfortably.

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